Sunday, November 13, 2011

something dat never croz my mine b4 this!

is it s0 great to be in l0ve?

seyesly xready!reality nyer p0wn xbleh!
s0, here i'm.... creating my dream...

i can easily fall 4 s0meone.....
i will like a pers0n wh0 cares about me...
pers0n that give me his sweet smile..
n make my day!

kawan jdi suke!
suke buat rindu!
rindu means?

s0klan t0k hati ini... ape sume ney?
i'm not in l0ve right?
yes! i'm not.. confidently answer the q!

my 1st l0ve ends well, i think! :)
then i fall 4 s0meone dat i cant f0rget...
but there is s0meone alwayz care n sweet with me..
n its all g0ne as the time passed...

now here i'm live with l0ve that unconditianally by..
friends n family as well my relatives!

jika cinta itu ada..
biarlah cinta itu berada dlm mmipi sayer.....

the w0rd just...
sayer suke.......

p/s: seyesly tgh layan mood sendiri..
s0rry and thankz...
laz but not least!
woo002x.. woo00 giler!
awie dalam sembilu, jiwang si0t aku!

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